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Best Road Trip Games for Adults

Everybody recognizes that road trips are fun, they are exciting, they can be bursting with the opportunity to see new things, discover new experiences and just chill out with the wind in your hair marveling as being the beautiful and unfamiliar scenery whizzes from your new motor from Dodge Anaheim. Everybody who has been on a prolonged road trip will also realize that things will get pretty tedious after a while . . A long road trip because you’ve reached get somewhere may be a different matter, . a long road trip for the sake of a road trip is fine. Playing some fun adult road trip games can help time to fly by.

Below are a few ideas but hey, let the creativity flow, build on them and use your imagination;

Who’s in the Hot Seat – you probably want a few passengers for this anyone to really work, two people might get quickly get bored but basically each passenger takes turns to sit down in the hot seat and is also grilled through the other passengers. They can ask a total of 5 questions (the greater imaginative the higher) although each candidate can refuse to answer one of the questions in each batch. It is a great way of finding out regarding the most closely guarded tricks of your fellow passengers!


Who is that – Let your imagination run wild when you create a life for the people travelling in a nearby car. Who they are, where they are going, what are they doing? They could be a number of undercover agents on their approach to infiltrate the gang of the criminal mastermind . . . they could be a young family trying to desperately escape from your crazy gun toting Granny or they may be a young couple running away to get wed on the proceeds of their latest bank heist. The wilder the better!

Car colors – spotting cars of unusual colors can be another great game to make the miles fly by. Every passenger must choose an unusual car color pink and purple, orange etc) and scores some time for every car of that color they see. If you’re out on the open road and only see one other vehicle every few miles it could possibly get pretty boring in itself, this game only really works over a busy road.


Potato – the nominated passenger can ask several silly questions as he would like to his fellow travelers and they also must only reply with all the word “potato”. If anyone laughs or smiles then they are out along with the last straight faced person is the winner, it may sound easy there is however a twist, nobody is allowed to smile or laugh. When you have an imaginative question master, this game can actually be great fun indeed, especially.

Do you prefer – this is another game in which the imagination should be aware of no bounds and gives you the opportunity to learn some interesting facts about your fellow passengers. The more horrible, embarrassing or painful the option the better, I mean, would you rather eat a fish eye or sit in a snake pit?


Making a salad- the 1st passenger says “I’m intending to make a salad with Alaskan king crab”, the next passenger must imagine an ingredient beginning with the letter “B” and so on. It may well sound easy until you get to some of the trickier letters.

These are just a few of the excellent themes will make your road trip pass quickly – enjoy your drive every more inside a McPeek Dodge vehicle.

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