Choosing the Right Ford for Your Family


Like many people who are die hard Ford fanatics, you might absolutely refuse to drive any other type of car. But whether you drive a Mustang or a Focus, there often comes a time in your life when you know you need to get a new car. So how do you decide what type of Ford is right for you?

There are a lot of options for helping your family finds its perfect Ford. You can visit a dealership, like Chino Hills Ford, or a dealership’s website, like But it never hurts to have a little basic knowledge of the different types of cars Ford rolls off the line.

Right now, Ford makes sedans, sports cars, hybrids, SUVs, and trucks. If you’re in need of a commercial vehicle, they make those as well, from large trucks to delivery type vans.


But most families prefer sedans or SUVs. Though a truck or sports car might be right for some families, most dismiss them because of their inability to hold many people. A sedan is meant to be a family car. It has four doors and most of them hold at least five passengers. The doors in the back also make it easy to load car seats and groceries and for people to get in and out of the rear seats without a lot of climbing or having to pull the front seats forward.

SUVs are also a great option for a family. They usually hold four to five people as well, and are higher off the ground than a traditional car, making them almost akin to a minivan. Many SUVs today also get great gas mileage.

If you’re starting your Ford hunt, this information will help a dealership find the right car for you.

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